DipCouns. Janka Kohotova, BSc. (Hons)

Since qualifying I have worked with clients of different ages, cultural backgrounds and variety of issues. I have volunteered in a Sandycroft community well being centre in Redditch and Mind in Evesham. Further to this I worked with young people over the age of 16 at Joseph Chamberlain college in Birmingham.

I gained experience in addiction counselling while working at Act Alcohol in Bromsgrove. 

In addition to volunteering and agency work I opened my private practice in 2013.  In my sessions I strive to make clients feel comfortable, so they can explore their thoughts and feelings freely, in a safe space, where they are being accepted and valued for who they are. 

Although person centred approach allows for working and provide support with any  mental health issue, my passion lies in dynamics of interpersonal relationships, whether they are of work, family, friendship or intimate  nature. 

  • MSc Psych (Open)
  • BSc (Hons) in Psychology
  • Addictions Training (ACT)
  • Level 4 Diploma In Therapeutic Counselling
  • Level 3 Certificate In Counselling Studies
  • Level 2 Certificate In Counselling Skills 
  • Cambridge English: C1 Advanced